General Rules for Exhibitors

    1. Only residents of Taos County may exhibit.

    2. In the 4-H Junior Division, only members are eligible to exhibit.

    3. A seperate entry tag must be filled out for each entry.

    4. Each exhibit brought to the fairgrounds must be reported to a department superintendent and placed according to his or her instructions.

    5. All non-perishable exhibits must be in place by 7:00p.m., Thursday, August 19, and remain in place until release time Sunday, August 22 when the fair closes at 4:00p.m.

    6. All baked goods exhibits must be in place by 1:00p.m. Friday, August 20, and remain in place until release time Sunday, August 22, when the Fair closes at 4:00p.m.

    7. All fruits and garden vegetable exhibits must be in place by 10:00a.m. Saturday, August 21.

    8. All indoor exhibits will be entered free of charge. Late entries will not be judged.

    9. Every precaution will be taken to protect the exhibits from loss or injury, but the Taos County Fair Board will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage.

    10. Ribbons will be given for the 1st through 3rd places. In the livestock divisions, a champion and a reserve champion will be chosen. In indoor departments, Best of Show ribbons may be awarded at judges discretion. All others will receive participation ribbons.

    11. If there is only one or few entries in a particular class, the section superintendents may combine classes at their discretion.

    12. Decisions of the judges will be final.

    13. All entries not picked up by their owners at the specified time will become the property of the Taos County Fair.

    14. Exhibitors may enter as many items in a class as they wish, except otherwise specified, but the superintendent or judge may limit the awards of the displays to a single exhibit in any one class, if deemed necessary or advisable.

    15. Only bonafide 4-H member or FFA member or a 4-H Cloverbud may participate in Junior Livestock or Booster Livestock Auctions. 4-H Cloverbuds will sell their poultry or rabbit in a special auction immediately following the Junior Livestock Auction.

    16. An exhibitor may choose to sell his or her exhibit by private agreement with a buyer. However, exhibitors may not solicit for sale, place price tags on exhibit, or permit exhibits to be removed from their places before release time.

    17. All entries must be family oriented. Absolutely no obscene pictures, language, or materials considered offensive or disruptive will be allowed.

    18. Only items made, canned, or raised after September 1, 2020 are eligible for competition. Items completed prior to this date will be entered for display only (Exception: Cattle). See also special rules for each department.

    19. All entries will be tagged under one of the following three categories: Professional, Amateur and Junior.

    - Professional is a person who makes his/her living or supplements his/her income from the sale or his/her baking, art or craft. A person who qualifies this way MUST enter in the Professional category.

    - Amateur is a person of any age, who does not qualify as a Professional. Anyone under age of 18, who would prefer to compete with adults may enter as an amateur, if he/she wishes. An Amateur may take an occasional sale of his/her work, but does not earn a supplemental or steady income from this type of work.

    - Junior is a person, age 18 or under, who does not qualify as a Professional.

    - Entrant has the right to select the class, whether he/she wants to enter it as a professional, Amateur or Junior.

    - The section Superintendent can assist in answering questions and help entrant (if requested by entrant) determine class, and may determine whether an entrant is a Professional, Amateur or Junior.

    Indoor Exhibits Divisions

    Department A: Home Economics (Open Division)

    Canned Veggies Jelly Candies
    Canned Fruits Meat Pasta
    Beverages Dairy Products Quilts, Comforters
    Pickles Yeast Bread Rugs
    Relishes Miscellaneous Bread Embroidery
    Butter Quick Bread Holiday Corner
    Jams Specialty Bread Crochet
    Conserves Pies Hand Knitting;
    Marmalades Cheesecakes, Cakes Mens Wear
    Preserves Cookies Womens Wear

    Department B: Arts and Crafts Juried Exhibition (Open Division and Senior Citizens Division)

    Paintings, Prints and Drawings Ceramics Metal Crafts
    Photography Jewelry Leather Craft
    Pottery Sculptures Textiles

    Department C: Woodcraft (Open Division)


    Department D: Floriculture (Open Division)

    Annuals Mixed Perennials, Annuals, and Herbs and Wildflowers
    Biennials and Perennials Bulb Bouquets  
    Bulbs and Corns House Plants  

    Department E: Fruits, Vegetables, and Field Crops (Open Division)

    Garden Vegetable Classes Field Crops Extracted Honey
    Fruit Comb Honey Largest Pumkin contest